MediaTrendsX, LLC

You provide our office with a product sample.  We'll help you promote your company & product on social media.

We want to build our client portfolio quickly... so we'll work for you at no cost.  You've got nothing to lose.

We are not social media managers.  We're social media marketers.


Our Company

By us helping you, you'll be helping us.

We're building our professional portfolio currently, which means we're pretty much willing to work for free.  If you send us a usable sample, we'll work hard to help you get it more exposure and to a demographic that is currently under served.

Depending on the value of the sample, we will commit to working hard for your company 6 months to 2 years.  A new product sample or 'like-new' used works for us.  We say 'like-new' because we photograph and shoot video for our online reviews.  If the product sample that we evaluate doesn't look good, it's hard for us to show others your product to it's highest potential.  Also, if what you send us is something we can use after our evaluation process, we will continue to talk about it online for as long as we have it.

The biggest part of our review process and promotion is as a customer/user of what you have.  Customers identify with other customers, not with salespersons.

EXAMPLE:  We have a pair of VikingBags Lamellar Painted Hardbags on our bike.  We discuss these bags online, in social media environments, at rallies, bars, whenever we can - we take photos, video, etc...  One of the first things we did with these bags was go on a 1500 mile motorcycle camping trip to the 2017 Sturgis, SD Bike Rally.  We traveled 3.5 hours in the rain going out and 5 hours of rains coming back home.  We tested them... now we talk about them

Again, if after the initial eval. and review, we find a way to use the product, we will.  It simply makes it easier to promote if we use it ourselves.

The Process... in a Nutshell

 Although we are open to hearing your suggestions, this is the process we implement.

  1. Agree to work together
  2. Take care of any paperwork, if needed on your end (some companies require us to apply for a vender# for invoicing/shipping/etc...
  3. We agree on a product sample or samples to promote
  4. We create posts in topic relevant social media groups, about the product we are having shipped.  Within the posts, we tag your company, ask for comments from others who have a similar product, if they have any pointers for the install, care or use of said product... etc...
  5. Once the product arrives, we take photos and shoot video of the unpacking.  We do a short unpackaging video review, commenting on the positives we have noticed thus far.  If your company can make use of the photos and video, we provide you with digital copies.
  6. We also make notes and constructive comments that we relay back to your company - it is for you to use as you may.  Usually, our comments are nothing new, but does reinforce aspects of your products and/or packaging that you may already be aware of.
  7. We post online (social media, youtube, etc...) the video and a few photos of the process in #5
  8. We install/apply the product (when appropriate) or simply test it.
  9. Review it further.
  10. Post review and, leave comment and star rating on your company website.
  11. We post, again, within social media discussion groups.
  12. As we continue to use your company's product, we continue to post about it online.

There are variables...
Some companies use us to find individuals to test and review. We can not guarantee the results or the promotion efforts of those individuals.  That is why we like to arrange to test and review all samples firsthand, with our own people.  In instances where we coordinate a reviewer with a product, the best we can do is post online about what our testers/reviewers tell us... or if/when we see them, we can comment that we had seen the product, talk about how nice it looks, how well it appears to be performing, etc...

If we are able to personally test and used an item, we will continue to promote it as long as it is being used by us.  We will het the product on your company name seen 100,000's of times.

We ave been asked if we are willing to apply company decals. logos, patches, etc. onto items.  Yes we will, when appropriate.  In fact, we suggest it many times.  We attend a many meeting and functions.  We like to talk about the products we use/test/review.  Promotion is always easier when to potential customer(s) approach us, wanting to learn more.  We have been able to introduce many people to the products we promote when wearing a company's logo wear.  Moocall is a perfect example.  They provided us with 2 beanie style knit hats, so we wear them.  When folks ask what Moocall is, we tell them.  We even posted about the hats.

Duration of Service

How long do we continue to promote your company/products?

Again, if we are able to use the product sample that you provided to us, in our daily lives, weekend fun, travels, etc... there is no termination date of our service to you.  EXAMPLE:  A motorcycle fairing, wheels, light effects, etc... as long as we are using it, we will continue to market, by telling others, posting photos and/or videos online, comment on other posts looking for recommendations, by tagging your company, listing the URL, etc.

Products that are shipped to us for review only, usually run for 3 durations.  Products valued under $100, go for 6 minths (min).  $100-1000 get at least a year... and those items that have a value of >$1000 get a 2 year (min) commitment from us.

Our Team

As a husband and wife team, we have the ability to bounce ideas off of each other and discuss any project at any time - not just during business hours.

We've worked together for more than 20 years.  It's safe to say that we have a good working relationship. :)

We know Ag-tech, wirless communications and Harley & the motortcycle lifestyle.

Our Background

We "opened" our doors in 1996, as a small publishing company - printing and binding instruction manuals and cookbooks.   One of our printing clients was a parking lot marking company.  After printing their two volume business "How-To" manual, they quickly realized that they had no clue how to market their books.

After researching the parking lot services industry, we dug in our heals and went after what we determined was their target market.  Long-story-short, we successfully marketed their manuals for $500/package.  One must remember, internet back then [for us] was dialup... and a long distance call cost $.35/min.

In 1998, we formed our Limited Liability Co. and continued to perfect online marketing, as well as website design. As it changed, we changed as well.  We promoted everything from technology equipment, available worldwide, to local rental property management services.... from dolls to  transit busses.